Get out of that jabroni outfit, I'll show you who's the Lord of this Lair

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Get out of that jabroni outfit, I'll show you who's the Lord of this Lair

Post by Generic Disappointment on Mon Apr 23, 2018 9:28 pm

Julius Stark
Current Profession

Ace Card

Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair
Lair of Darkness Vendread
The deck given to Julius by the Lord of the Lair himself, composed mainly of the Vendread, vengeful undead whose main focus is Ritual Summoning the more powerful creatures by offering themselves as tribute and strenghtening them as a result, together with the Lord's Domain - Lair of Darkness they manage to fill the field endlessly with leftover souls of those tributed while also corrupting opponent's monsters. Led by Darkest Diabolos alongside other various creatures from the darkest depths of the abyss and enhanced by other powerful artifacts found in other Tombs, such as the legendary Fang of Critias and many others, they follow Julius' command and aid him on his crusade to shape the world in his image and create a place for himself.

Julius is a confident person, the kind that knows what they want and they'll stop at nothing to reach for it. In his eyes, he has already suffered enough in his life and now it's the turn of everyone else to feel his pain. He's bold, blunt and will always speak his mind, if you're on his good side, you'll know. He respects people that're strong, and people that are like him, those that aren't afraid to fight for their goals and take what they want for themselves.

He also loves tea, during the 6 years of his adventuring to find the ancient tombs he practiced his recipe on the side in hopes to perfect it and make world's greatest tea, he's confident and proud of his mix but only time will tell if it actually holds up to his expectations.

In the younger days, Julius and his family were always on the move, not even a month spent in one place before they traveled again, from Russia to Germany, from Germany to America, and so on, and so forth. They were always looking for new interesting places to visit, document them and immortalize their zany adventures. However, they had little to no care about their son and how that impacted his life, he made no friends, and had no real place to call "home", and as time came for his parents to pass away he was left alone finally to be free, or so he thought. Julius was left on his own at the age of 20, but his past followed him still, his life of adventure changed him forever and he lost the ability to settle anywhere. It didn't feel right, he couldn't stay in one place at all and he hated every second of it.

He still had no home, no name to himself, or any purpose in life other than to travel. He explored and looked for new thrills in life - caves, mountains, all sorts of places, but he already saw it all in his past.. there was nothing left for him that his parents didn't already see or document, that is.. until the appereance of the ancient tombs. Julius didn't hear about the tombs until much later, but he came across one relatively quickly, he didn't know why but he felt that this tomb would change his life, and so he put his life on the line as he went through trap after trap, overcame every obstacle and reached his destination.

"Come, release me and you will be granted purpose once again."

A voice resonated in his head, beckoning him forth towards the treasure vault and it's there that he found a lone deck of cards. He heard rumors regarding these cards and the power they wield but he didn't believe them at first until he saw them with his very own eyes, and held them in his very own hands. A surge of energy went through his body as he looked at the card on the bottom of the deck - Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair and he heard the voice once more.

"Together, there are none that can match us. Together, we'll shape the world as we see fit."

Julius understood, the extend of power that these cards hold and as he was promised, he now had a purpose for the first time in his life. With the Hunting Game of Interaklee being announced he set off without wasting any time, there were more tombs that held these cards.. he was going to reach them first no matter the cost, wield their power to change the world as he saw fit and make a name for himself, so that he may no longer be a nobody.

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