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Character Skeleton

Post by Garside on Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:15 am

Name: The Name of your character in this RP

Age: Your characters age, Your character raids their first tomb at the age of 10 to 12 so your character should be no younger than that.

Past/Current Profession: You can list a few past professions your character had or what they are currently. This is an important section, having done certain things in the past can help you have more insight on things prior to starting the RP.

Subconscious Will: This is the Will of your Subconscious, how much your character is willing to accept things like Peer pressure and Subliminal advertising. This will be Strong,Normal or Weak.

Deck: Remember that your deck is something treasured to each person, you found these cards through spelunking the tombs back home as such they aren't something everyone can have. The deck section consists of your Archetype, Decklist and Ace Card(This one is optional)

Personality: Who your character is, how they act in the crowd, alone, with their friends and enemies. Be as descriptive or vauge as you want. Leave it empty if you aren't even sure!

Bio: This isnt all that important, add the details of your characters past if you'd like! This can be events leading to your characters personality or paint an idea on how your character looks to the future.

This section here is just to show additional Information as so new applicants can create their character without needing to go to other sections of the forum

Taken Deck Archetypes;
Lunalights [NPC]
Ancient Gears [NPC]
Ninja's [Kitami]
Predator Plants [Dora]
Diablos/Lair of Darkness [Darkey]
Vendread [Darkey]
Ojama [Tidus]
AtoZ [Tidus]
Inzektor [Ryota]
Digital Bug [Ryota]
Pendulum Magicians/Odd-Eyes [Dahlia]
Taken Numbers
39 (S39-:Lightning,S39-Prime)
Claimed Special Cards

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon [Kitami]
The Fang of Critias [Darkey]
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon [Dahlia]


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