RP Rules and Mechanics

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RP Rules and Mechanics

Post by Garside on Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:12 am

This RP isn't ment to be a long standing RP, it will stand its course and last no longer, as such there are different possible ending that can happen but one of them will happen regardless of the interactions done by the main cast.

This RP will be done on scheduled times as normal, but Systems are in place to have events happen regardless of whether I am here or not. Some things may happen different but that way scheduled times are kept regardless.

Cards normally banned will be allowed if they are part of your archetype, So play any deck you'd want.

There will be no Character Skills in this RP. Its an intentional design choice.

Your characters Profession do more than just give you more Insight on the events going on; They also give you differen't starting objectives to go towards one of the endings of the RP or even create your own if you lean to non planned events! It also gives you a larger Skill set, letting you do things that otherwise others couldn't!


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