The Plot of the Interaklee Incident

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The Plot of the Interaklee Incident

Post by Garside on Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:40 am

The Events of the story take place entirely on the Island city of Interaklee. During this period of time, the Mayor of Interaklee announced globally that there where many Tombs yet to be plundered under his city and in order to gain popularity called forth all Duelists to compete in duels and to find the tombs to empower their decks even further.

However there is more to the island than what the Mayor himself anticipated,

Working together with the others or at your own expense, learn what has been going on the Island as well and discover the true nature of the destruction that has been going across the world.

But beware; Even if no strides are made for the future of the world events will continue anyway and such actions will lead only to ruin.


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