The Story before the Incident on Interaklee Island..

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The Story before the Incident on Interaklee Island..

Post by Garside on Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:50 am

Before the advent of Dueling, the world was rather simple; Full of Sports, Schools and military action. However this ended one day when an Archaeologist discovered an underground facility, a Tomb which within held the future change of the world.
Within this Tomb they discovered cards, similar to some of the modern card games; but soon it was shown that these cards weren't the same as traditional cards; the hidden power within the cards made the monsters and spells real. At first, the government did its best to hide the exists of these tombs however it was soon discovered that these tombs existed everywhere, in every conceivable location. Soon the world was plunged into chaos as people abused these cards powers to cause harm to others. This ended however with the advent of Dueling Technology. The Boon of Dueling technology showed the first use of restrictions within the world. Though at first it was rejected by the world; with time it began to accept this proposal. Advances in the technology made dueling safer and eventually the perfect Energy Restriction systems where integrated into the new Duel Disks to reduce all damage caused by the attacks of the monsters and spells to nearly nothing. Developed over time a strict set of rules where developed for the cards and the game of Duel Monsters was created.

With time, even the Tombs where added to the fun of the world; finding a tomb and entering it granted users Cards. it became a right of passage for anyone who wanted to join Duel monsters, as spelunking the tomb could yield cards for those to create their own personalized deck.

Several years later is where you find yourself, you stand where you are in life; remembering your first time entering the tomb. You heard news of a new city on an island to the east that had just recently had a Tomb discovered for the first time; with news of more tombs to be discovered! Sanctioned by the Major of the Interaclee City; he set out a hunt for these remaining tombs. Drawn by the prospect of expanding the power of your deck; you find time to take a vacation from your busy life and take the boat to Interaklee City!

[The time period of this RP is more Modern Times, but with monsters that come to life and do stuff]


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