Kazumi Natsume - The Cyber Prodigy

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Kazumi Natsume - The Cyber Prodigy

Post by Kaze on Thu Aug 10, 2017 8:23 pm

Name: Kazumi Natsume
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Rank: Corporal Officer

Deck Archetypes: Cyberse
Deck Theme: A Deck that specializes in special summoning to create a special next work that brings forth Stronger Monsters.
Ace Card: Winged Kuriboh
Character Skill: Winged Kuriboh is treated as a Cyberse monster while in the deck, hand, field, or Graveyard
Decklist: -will post soon-

Personality: Kazumi is rather a smart ass. He doesn't get along with others too well. He always does his best to be on top in what every he does. He's a soccer player and isn't exactly the best student when it comes to the books.
Backstory: At the age of 6 Kazumi was under the guidance of his father due to an car accident his mother got into and died. His father had drinking problems and would always take his anger out on Kazumi. Because of this Kazumi found it hard to trust others because if his own family could hurt him without hesitation whose to say someone outside won't? Kazumi doesn't have much memory of his mother because of how long its been. Due to not having a mother figure to look up to he doesn't really know how to handle women that approach him. He has a burn on the left side of his face due to one day his father coming home drunk. For some reason his father thought it was a good idea to cook in the middle of the night to the point where the fire alarm went off as he rushed to turn the fire off his father got upset that a child was "correcting" him and he took the pan and splashed the hot oil on his face. Kazumi could never forgive his father for what happened that night.


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