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Colin Profile

Post by Teige on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:01 am

Name: Colin Pohlmann
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Deck Archetypes: Spyral

Deck Theme: Deck revolves around a group of agents whom gain aid from an array of extra support. All to further the succession of Super Agent.

Ace Card: Spyral Super Agent

Character Skill: While a "Spyral Super Agent" is on the field; Every 2 turns Colin can pay 500 LP during his main phase to check the top card of his opponent's deck. Depending on the type of card: If it's a monster card; "Spyral Super Agent" gains ATK equal to half that monster's, If it's a spell/trap card; Add a banished spell/trap card from your banish zone.

Deck List:
Cracking Dragon
Spyral Sleeper
Spyral Master Plan
Spyral Tough (2x)
Spyral Super Agent (2x)
Spygal Misty (2x)
Spyral Gear - Last Resort (2x)
Charming Resort Staff (2x)
Spyral Quik-Fix (2x)
Spyral Gear - Drone (2x)
Heavy Mech Support Platform
Heavy Mech Support Armor

Reinforcement of the Army
Gravity Blaster
Convulsion of Nature
One Day of Peace
Monster Reborn
Gravity Lash
Spyral Mission - Assault
Spyral Gear - Big Red
Spyral Gear - Fully Armed
Spyral Resort

Security Orb
Widespread Dud
Compulsory Escape Device
Spyral Gear - Utility Wire
Counter Gate
Cloak and Dagger
Spyral Mission - Rescue
Spyral Mission - Recapture
Wire Tap

Spyral the Double Helix

Personality: Colin is out-going and ambitious. He's energetic and friendly to most people. Aside from his redeeming personalities; Colin treats his duels as if it's a mission of life or death. With one mission in mind to defeat his opponent.

Backstory: Before his acceptance into the team; Colin wasn't known for anything other than a slacker. Usually relying on others or usually playing the role of the victim. During his duels however shows another side of him in which he hides very well. Not much can be known about Colin except for his odd and unusual personality that strikes him as the type of person to be cautious of.


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