The Answer To Number One Through ᵂᵒᴬᴴ Is ????

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The Answer To Number One Through ᵂᵒᴬᴴ Is ????

Post by hahafunee on Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:17 am

“Empty. Fading. Ephemeral.”


Alias: Mask
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: ???
Rank: Crew

“Evil for Evil.”
Deck Theme: Cyberse. A newly created group of monsters, seemingly originating from the E.D.F. with the sole purpose of performing Link Summons. While the Link Monsters were mass-produced and handed out to nearly every member of the E.D.F, the original Monsters themselves are rarely, if ever seen. Wielding tactics to produce more and more Link Summons continually, increase their own powers and forging bonds through Mutual Links, these Cyberse that Mask uses are but a fraction of the massively expanding collection of data. Though Mask uses this Deck, he is indifferent with its usage and seemingly throws out Monsters haphazardly.

“Bind together, staggered chain links.”

Ace Card(s)

Barøque K⁄NIGHT
During either player’s turn, immediately after this effect resolves; Link Summon 1 Monster using Monsters you control as Materials. If a Cyberse-Type Link Monster in Extra Monster Zone leaves the field; add 1 Cyberse-Type Monster from your Deck or GY to your Hand. While “Trigate Wizard” is on your Field; target a number of Main Monster Zones, equal to the number of Mutual Links applied to “Trigate Wizard” and they cannot be used (When a Link Monster in a Mutual Link leaves the field, the player with the blocked zone chooses which Zone to unblock). Each effect of “Barøque K⁄NIGHT” can only be used once per turn.

Backup Secretary
Backup Secretary
Boot Stagguard
Cyberse Converter
Cyberse Converter
Cyberse Gadget
Cyberse Gadget
Dot Scaper
Interrupt Resistor
Link In-Flyer
Link In-Flyer
Link Slayer
RAM Clouder
RAM Clouder
ROM Cloudia
ROM Cloudia
Stack Reviver
Cybenet Universe
Cybnet Backdoor
Foolish Burial
Monster Reborn
One Day of Peace
One-Time Passcode
Pot of Avarice
Security Block
Blasting Wire
Call of the Haunted
Cyberse Beacon
Cyberse Shatter
Heavy Dust Storm
Memory Loss
Pinpoint Guard
Recoded Alive
Remote Reborn
Safe Zone
Shut Line
Wall of Disruption

Extra Deck

Binal Sorceress
Cyberse Accelerator
Decode Talker
Encode Talker
Firewall Dragon
Link Bumper
Link Disciple
Proxy Dragon
Topologic Bomber Dragon
Trigate Wizard

A mysterious and enigmatic entity who is seeming “just there”. Despite being part of the E.D.F, no one knows when he joined, or anything about his personal background, but for some reason, they simply “accept” it. Without needing words, people seemingly come to an understanding of Mask’s appearance or his position within the E.D.F. While normally quiet and reserved, he becomes abnormally aggressive when the E.D.F exert their influence on people. Mask is arrogant and calculating, often pointing out flaws in others strategy or logic. However, he is humble enough to acknowledge his own flaws and is honorable towards promises. Unknown and hidden in plain sight, Mask carries a massive greatsword spanning from black to white, which no one seems to mind.


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