Made in China (Please take a look at my wares my family is starving help)

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Made in China (Please take a look at my wares my family is starving help)

Post by Generic Disappointment on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:47 am

"Bodies frail. Destroy. Reconstruct. Improve."

Name: Y'Shaarj, "Snooper"
Age: 70
Gender: Male
Race: Xel'naga
The Xel'naga is a race of insect-like humanoid hunchbacks, their most distinct feature is their carapce and skin, due to the harsh circumstances on their home planet both of those evolved over the years into very durable armor rivaling some of the modern era ones. Thanks to it, they're capable of withstanding most if not all climates, although due to the weight of their body they're relatively slow and incapable of actual combat and as such mostly end up as politicans, merchants. The intelligence average as well as technological aptitude of the race is higher than that of a human, opening the possiblity for more scientific occupations as well.

Due to their immobile nature they don't require much energy to sustain themselves and rarely sleep, if they do it's not for long and is usually done by digging into the ground so that the entire body except their back is covered with their singular spike poking out of the ground. The Xel'naga spike is one of the few "fleshy" bits on the outside of their body, it picks up vibrations in the air allowing to detect possible threats and will wake up the Xel'naga if danger is approaching. Because of this, they do not require housing and just sleep on the spot, either by burrowing in the ground or special sleeping bags.

Another main trait of the race as a whole is their speech pattern, they often ignore pronouns and conjoining words. While they're perfectly capapble of speaking the common language, their own language is something that cannot be comprehended by any other race. They communicate by vibrating the spikes on their backs, creating unique waves which can be intercepted by other Xel'naga and as such, their names are hard to pronounce, leading to being addressed by nicknames as opposed to the real names.

Until making contact with other races, the Xel'naga had no coherent hierarchy or politics, there was one "Queen" - the broodmother and she ruled over everyone being the only one capable of giving birth to new Xel'naga and as such everyone follow her orders due to their most important insinct of all, self preservation. When the dreadful day came and the Broodmother die the entire race was engulfed in panic until other races came and made contact. The contact was a very important event for the Xel'naga and is usually refered to as the start of the modern era. The Xel'naga gained a culture of their own based around the deceased Broodmother, almost to the point of religion, which was their closest thing to having one.

Using newly discovered technology they've managed to "reanimate" the Broodmother, alas not fully, she was just a husk with her reproductive functions working as intended, the once Queen of the Xel'naga was nothing more than a mere production factory. The life cycle of the race is very simple, they're all asexual and are born as larva from the egg, from that point on they're left to wander the planet alone devouring all sorts of life, be it plants or animals until they grow into maturity and prove their independence.

The planet itself is nothing special, the plantlife offers a variety of fashionable flowers but they're for the most part poisonous to other races. The wildlife is peaceful and herbivorous, the Xel'naga being the only carnivores that inhabit it, due to their ability to adapt some of the features of consumed organisms.

There are no female Xel'naga, although they are expected to happen in the near future. Legends say that the very first female Xel'naga will take role as the new Broodmother and give birth to an even more advanced breed of Xel'naga. Some tried to engineer their own female Xel'naga by altering the eggs but sadly to no avail.

Rank: Crewman

Deck Archetypes: Subterror, Crawler, Earthbound, Starve Venom (Will develop into D/D later, maybe another archetype along the way)
Deck Theme:
"Reminiscent of the old behemoths and warriors of legends, Snooper's deck strategy relies on his flip monsters that hide themselves, re-appearing to unleash a variety of effects from defensive to offensive. The main body, Subterrors depicts a battle between heroes and monstrous beasts. They can swarm the field if no face-up monsters are present, and feed off set monsters for power. The other part being Crawlers, alien-like creatures that focus on Link Summoning and powering themselves up to tremendous effect. With the addition of the "Wicked Canon", Snooper's deck has also gained various fusions of ancient dragons and mythological demons."

Ace Card: Wicked Canon

Character Skill:
【Echo of the Past】
At start of the duel, activate Wicked Canon and banish all Wicked Runes from your deck. At start of your Draw Phase, you may instead activate Wicked Canon from your banished zone or graveyard and banish all of your Wicked Runes instead of drawing. When using the effect of Wicked Canon you may instead summon a Link monster whose LINK stat is equal to or less than the amount of cards removed by it. Cards summoned by Wicked Canon are considered to be a succesful sumon of their respective type.


   Crawler Axon
  Crawler Axon
  Crawler Dendrite
  Crawler Dendrite
  Crawler Glia
   Crawler Glia
   Crawler Ranvier
   Crawler Receptor
   Crawler Receptor
   Crawler Spine
   Crawler Spine
   Subterror Behemoth Phospheroglacier
   Subterror Behemoth Speleogeist
   Subterror Behemoth Stalagmo
   Subterror Behemoth Stygokraken
   Subterror Behemoth Ultramafus
   Subterror Behemoth Umastryx
   Subterror Behemoth Voltelluric
   Subterror Fiendess
   Subterror Fiendess
   Subterror Nemesis Archer
   Subterror Nemesis Warrior
   Subterror Nemesis Warrior

   Clash in the Subterror Caverns
   Monster Reborn
   One Day of Peace
   Pot of Avarice
   Reinforcement of the Army
   Shadows Creeping on Starrelic
   Supply Squad
   The Hidden City
   The Shallow Grave
   Upstart Goblin
   Wicked Canon
   Wicked Rune - Anger
   Wicked Rune - Anguish
   Wicked Rune - Doubt
   Wicked Rune - Hatred
   Wicked Rune - Sadness

   Call of the Haunted
   Return to the Frontlines
   Starrelic's Puppet
   Subterror Behemoth Burrowing
   Subterror Final Battle

   Extra Deck

   Earthbound Servant Geo Glasya-Labolas
   Earthbound Servant Geo Gremlina
   Earthbound Servant Geo Kraken
   Starving Venom Fusion Dragon

   Akashic Magician
   Decode Talker
   Encode Talker
   Excrawler Neurogos
   Excrawler Qualiark
   Excrawler Synapses
   Firewall Dragon
   Missus Radiant
   Proxy Dragon
   Subterror Behemoth Apparition
   V-LAN Hydra

"Y'Shaarj is extremely curious, he'd go out of his way to learn something new and tries to find his way into every nook and cranny, not giving the slightest sliver of care for privacy or off-limit warnings. He'll always push himself onto others to either buy his wares or tell them a story, maybe even offer something for free sometimes. He loves trading and selling things. Y'Shaarj doesn't really care alot about other people and friendship or relationships, it's something he doesn't exactly understand. On top of history he loves technology, often tinkering with something if he's not too busy selling things to others."

"Y'Shaarj was a curious little fellow in his early days, always going off on his own and exploring the land, even the discovery of other races didn't stop him, if anything they only made it worse. He had little to no regard for privacy, he simply wanted to explore which led to the name "Snooper" from his constant snooping around.

Over the years of his life he studied about the other races, their culture, religion, history, technology and so on and so forth, completely fascinated by their pasts and their impact on the universe. He wanted the Xel'naga to be like that too, to be recognized as an important race and have their own culture blend in with others, he'd travel to other planets to observe the success of their brethern and much to his disappointment, it wasn't doing good, the nature of the Xel'naga made them borderline useless for anything other than politics and other "boring" occupations, and since they were still a "new" race, there weren't many of them. Y'shaarj wanted to help his race improve and started to study technology, learning how to craft all sorts of gadgets, at first it was just simple useless junk but eventually he'd create his greatest creation - cybernetic implants. First, he'd upgrade himself to show his race the power of science, starting with their spike, the most important part of any Xel'naga. Sadly, it was a failure, his spike completely stopped functioning. There existed stories of Xel'naga who removed or damaged their spike out in the wilderness, which led to them either dying shortly after or being scorned for the rest of their life, in Y'Shaarj's case, he was exiled by his race, nobody could believe that he'd willingly try to replace his spike with a mechanical monstrosity.

This even sparked mutual hatred, the Xel'naga hated Y'Shaarj for turning himself into an abomination, Y'Shaarj hated the Xel'naga for scorning his attempts to help. From this point on, he'd wander planets as a merchant, selling whatever he could find for self preservation. He'd mechanize his body more and more, from hands, to legs, to his lungs and heart, and so on. Eventually he'd come across a peculiar book in the middle of nowhere, extremely destroyed and without signs of care. The pages were mostly empty save for a spare few, describing ancient creatures with unreadable runes, he took it as his personal possesion and swore to himself he'd figure out what it was.

The E.D.F. would frequently buy his services, from his wares to his technological abilities, and when they started enlisting people for a mission regarding some private matters he was one of the first asked due to his superior knowledge about other planets and cultures. They trained him in dueling and provided a deck for self defense. Unbeknowns to both them and Y'Shaarj, the book reacted to the deck, gaining a few new pages and altering the deck itself.
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