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Name: Kuin Chishi
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Human w/ Cybernetics
Rank: Lieutenant (Pilot)

Deck Archetypes: Mechanized Phantom Beasts

Deck Theme: Airplanes Were Meant To Fly

Ace Card: Skypalace Gangaridai

Character Skill: The Cybernetics within Kuin's eyes allow her to evaluate her situation, transmit the data and produce the appropriate response from her duel disk as needed.
Mistress Of The Skies:
Evasive Maneuvers!!
You take no damage from battles involving tokens. If a Machine-Type monster is attacked while you control 2 or more "Mecha Phantom Beast" tokens and your LP is less than or equal to your opponent's: negate that attack. This effect can be used once for ever 2 "Mecha Phantom Beast" Token you control.

Incoming Calvalry!!
If you control less monsters than your opponent does: Special summon 1 "Mecha Phantom Beast" token to your side of the field. This effect can only be used once every 3 turns.

If your opponent declares an attack while you have 2000 or less LP you can target 1 monster you control: It can attack your opponent directly, and if it does inflict the same amount of damage your opponent takes to yourself, then destroy that monster. This effect can only be used once per duel.

Deck List
Mecha Phantom Beast Megaraptor
Mecha Phantom Beast Megaraptor
Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion
Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion
Mecha Phantom Beast Raiten
Mecha Phantom Beast Raiten
Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray
Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf
Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf
Speedroid Den-Den Daiko Duke
Speedroid Maliciousmagnet
Speedroid Red-Eyed Dice
Speedroid Taketomborg
Speedroid Terrortop
Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice
Draw Muscle
Garbage Collection
Gravity Blaster
Iron Call
Limiter Removal
Machine Assembly Line
Monster Reborn
One-Time Passcode
Scramble!! Scramble!!
Ties of the Brethren
Twin Twisters
Vertical Landing
Aerial Recharge
Do a Barrel Roll
Heavy Dust Storm
High Rate Draw
Sonic Boom
Storming Mirror Force
Twin Vortex

Extra Deck

Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda
Mecha Phantom Beast Jaculuslan
Gear Gigant X
Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf
Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
Number 42: Galaxy Tomahawk
Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora
Skypalace Gangaridai
Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max
Akashic Magician
Binal Sorceress
Decode Talker
Gaiasaber, the Video Knight
Link Spider
Proxy Dragon

Personality: Despite what she has been through, Kuin can usually be found with a smile on her face. Even though she is loyal to her family, her time away from them keeps her homesick and she can usually be found in her quarters playing with her daughter via holographic projections.

Backstory: Kuin was once known to her family as their Jewel. Her family was rich, owned many businesses and had many less than pure connections to ensure they help power. Unbeknownst to Kuin who was the first born child of the Chishi and the heiress to the Chishi fortune she had become a target. Her family specialized in avionics and before the release of the Galactic Treaty were known to create War Planes and of course had some very ancient models stowed away for personal uses. Enemies of the Chishi family grew bold and hired mercenaries and hitmen to attack Kuin's family as they were on their privately owned island. While the island was not without protection, but it wasn't prepared for what was about to come. The hitmen attacked fast and hard surrounding the estate itself within ours. Kuin and her siblings were forced to use man made tunnels within the estate to escape to their airstrip, the last secure location on the island. Unfortunately this tunnel was still under construction and while fleeing Kuin's mother and father were crushed by debris. Her brother was knocked unconscious and her sister too young to handle the stress was little to no help. Kuin took this moment to truly embrace the title of Lady Chishi and carried her twin brother out of the tunnels while encouraging her sister not to give up. Upon reaching the airstrip she got her unconscious brother into a plane with her sister and made sure she got them out. She herself then attached her duel disk to her wrist. She was now the head of her family and this was her home being burnt to the ground. She used her deck and its utility to take out the hitmen that had attacked her island with the help of what was left of her security force. In the battle Kuin was injured and lost one of her eyes. Due to her injury Kuin had both of her eyes replaced with cybernetic ones. With her new eyes she is able to accurately assess anything within her sight and identify the dangers her parents could not. Her experience made her more appreciative of life and when she reached the age of 20 she had a daughter. But her enemies didn't disappear just because she won one battle and to ensure she kept her family safe she remained the public heir to her family while allowing her brother to truly run things. In the aftermath of everything. She decided that it would be best if she was as far away from her loved ones as possible but Kuin had the taste of battle, defeat, desperation, panic but most of all victory. Due to this she joined the Star Keepers. With their help she can ensure that no one will ever have to endure what she did. And with her help, There isn't a planet in the universe that the Star Keepers wont reach.


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