(NPC) E.D.F Representative and Star Keeper Chief, Berkut Yasuhara

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(NPC) E.D.F Representative and Star Keeper Chief, Berkut Yasuhara

Post by Star Lord on Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:00 am

Name: Berkut Yasuhara
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Rank: Star Keeper Department Chief, Earth Defense Federation representative

Deck Archetype(s):
Galaxy, Photon, Dragons, (Cipher and Hieratic reserved)
Ace Card:
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon

Deck Theme: Dragons. Space. The Galaxy in its entirety, these are some of the things that interest Berkut which have translated over to his deck. At the heart of his cards is his most favored, the starry eyed Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. These cards represent his fascination for the wonders of the universe and his curiosity of there beyond. Of course, who also doesn't like dragons? Ancient and dignified creatures, they are to be feared, but also respected. His belief is that only through technological advancements and science, can we truly optimize our efforts in unlocking the secrets to the Universe. This too translates to his deck, as some of the monsters he commands are artificial.

Character Skill:
"May claws shatter chains, Of those who traipse in my wake, Begone you impure! Shred Storm!"
ストライクソウ Shred Storm - If you control no monsters, you can target 1 ''Galaxy'' monster in your graveyard; Special Summon it, then you can Special Summon a number of Link monsters from your Extra Deck with ATK equal to the targeted monster's, up to the number of ''Galaxy'' monsters in your graveyard with the same name as the target; Link monsters cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects the turn you activate this skill. During your End Phase, if the targeted monster did not destroy an opponent's monster by battle this turn, destroy all monsters you control. During your End Phase, if the targeted monster destroyed an opponent's monster by battle this turn, destroy all other monsters your opponent controls.

Arkbrave Dragon
Assault Wyvern
Assault Wyvern
Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand
Dragon Knight of Creation
Dragon Knight of Creation
Galaxy Knight
Galaxy Soldier
Galaxy Soldier
Galaxy Wizard
Galaxy Wizard
Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon
Galaxy-Eyes Cloudragon
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon
Kaiser Vorse Raider
Krystal Dragon
Paladin of Felgrand
Paladin of Felgrand
Photon Thrasher
Photon Thrasher
Foolish Burial
Galaxy Expedition
Galaxy Zero
Night Beam
Photon Stream of Destruction
Photon Veil
Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords
Super Rush Headlong
Tribute to The Doomed
Dimension Gate
Dimension Switch
Divine Wrath
Dragon's Rebirth
Krystal Avatar
Magic Drain
Oasis of Dragon Souls
Tachyon Transmigration

Extra Deck

Decode Talker
Firewall Dragon
Proxy Dragon
Three Burst Blast Dragon
Topologic Bomber Dragon
Twin Triangle Dragon
V-LAN Hydra
Varrel Lord Dragon

Personality: His colleagues would describe Berkut as a kind, patient, well respected member of his community, and an intellectual contributor to the sciences of both the Federation and Star Keepers. He is a compassionate man and chivalrous in the classical way, being known to hold back against female opponents if he is forced to fight them. However, you would be foolish to take his kindness for weakness,
as Berkut is one of the highest top ranking members of the Star Keeper's duel specialists. Some criticism to his character, is that Berkut is too merciful, being too lenient at times on criminals, but given this his stance is that there is good in everyone no matter how misguided they may be.

Women would describe him as charming; not that he is a flirt, but in ways of being well spoken, the way he articulates his words, and carries himself with a sense of pride such as never lowering his head in the presence of others or always keeping eye contact when speaking or being spoken to. Despite this, he's never actually been known to be in a relationship, as he usually keeps his meeting with women, even outside of his work, professional. In fact, he's never really been seen around anyone outside of his work life. 

If you were to ask most galactic criminals about Berkut, they'd probably sneer and scoff at the mention of his name, but could never speak ill of him. Whether this is out of fear or respect honestly varies, but he is well known in the criminal underworld as both a nuisance and a trustworthy figure. 


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