The Plot of the RP

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The Plot of the RP

Post by Star Lord on Sun Jul 30, 2017 1:24 am

In another far away galaxy, there occurred an vigorous explosion; this was the first of the planetary deaths. It was reported by an E.D.F recon scout sent to investigate the inactivity of this planet's trade market, that there was nothing left, just rubble, but as to why remained a mystery. The Federation agreed to keep this tragedy under wraps for now, as they did not want to cause widespread panic. It was chalked up to being an anomaly, an unfortunate disaster that may have occurred by the planet's own circumstances. To suppress public curiosity all routes to the now gone planet were restricted and the general public were told that the said planet had withdrawn from their galactic treaty. After all, if a planet were to declare independence from the Federation they would be exempt from the Republic and Federation protection.

A month had passed since the incident, but again, another planet had gone. This time the planet destroyed was a republic capital; one of the 5 planets whom represented and had agreed to intergalactic peace. An incident like this could not be hidden. It was obvious now to the Federation what the attacker's intentions were, to instigate a galactic war, at least this was the conclusion they came to. The first attack may have just been a test of strength, as the planet destroyed was just a trade planet. This however, was a political move.

Still even with this in mind, the Federation became paranoid in and of itself. Although there is peace among planets it is no secret how some feel towards Earth. It wouldn't be a surprise if this was some ploy to rid of the Republic, or at least Earth's part in it, in some grand scheme. Likewise, alien planets began spreading rumors that this may be the beginning of what some feared. That Earth may finally be using the Federation to conquer and colonize their worlds, if not, then exterminate the ones they see unfit.

Relations now strained, and paranoia high, Federation representatives have decided to put together a small team composed of Star Keepers to investigate the matter. You are part of this team. It is your mission to venture the Universe and find the cause and culprit of these disasters.

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