The Setting

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The Setting

Post by Star Lord on Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:58 pm

It is the year 6X0XX, Earth has developed technologically far beyond our present day comprehension and has established not only contact, but relations with alien life across different parts of the galaxy. Foreign beings now coexist with humans, creating a new society we now call the Neo Colony. To ensure peace in the universe with our new neighbors, the Earth Defense Federation was created. With it they put together a military to protect our galaxy, known by the moniker Star Keepers.

Star Keepers is a paramilitary organization founded with the ideology of ending universal conflict. Just as there is crime on Earth, there is also crime among the stars. A universal judicial system was put into place after the Galactic Treaty, and it is the Star Keeper's job to enforce it. They are the law. They venture galaxies stopping crime lords, space bandits, and putting an end to wars. This force is comprised of both human and alien species alike. So long as you take the oath to protect and serve, anyone can join.

However, although these protectors are well respected among most, there are those across the galaxy who view the Star Keepers as a fascist group. They see them as Earth's way of colonizing their home worlds and enforcing their way of life onto them. Though, this opposition is mainly found farther away from Earth's Milky Way galaxy and more in the nether regions of the universe where there is less Earthly Civilization influence.

Each Galaxy is listed as a sector, Earth's Milky Way being sector 1. There are 51 different sectors listed in the E.D.F's database; however it is speculated that they've only uncovered 0.1% of the possible galaxies known. (The List) Anywhere beyond the documented sectors is known as the Further, a deep void of space unimaginable to thought. It is rumored among some of the older species of aliens that the Further is home to the oldest of celestial life simply known as the Old Ones. Some planets worship these beings as Gods, but their presence have never been seen nor heard. The federation dismisses this gossip as such, but have made efforts to restrict and forbid anyone from entering the area for their own safety, as there is no way for them to be rescued if lost.

In this future, after the Galactic Treaty, weapons were banned and disposed of. All known planets and civilizations have been disarmed of all what the E.D.F classifies as weaponry. In its stead the Star Keepers were equipped with a dueling system which allows them to summon real monsters at their disposal. Other planets were also equipped with this same system, though each with their own take; the Fusion Summon method is unique to Earth, and the Link summon method unique to the Federation itself. To show the populace of the Galaxy that they weren't created to oppress, the E.D.F released this system to the public in the form of a card game. This dueling system was now used by civilians for fun with their safety features always enabled; furthermore criminals after getting their hands on this dueling system of course learned how to bypass this safety. Additionally, the dueling system is currently temporarily banned from the public until the federation can get a hold on this problem and have been confiscated from the general public.. for the most part.

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