Character Skeleton

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Character Skeleton

Post by Generic Disappointment on Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:31 am

Name: Your character's first and last name.
Age: Your character's age. (please be at least 14 years old)
Gender: Your character's gender. (No there are only 2 genders, male and female. Attack Helicopters have no entry to this club)
Race: Your character's race. (Human or Alien. If alien, please describe your race.)
Rank: (You can only select 1 rank from the listing. If a rank is unavailable you will be defaulted to Crewman.)

Deck Archetypes: All archetypes that are both included and are the main focus of your deck.
Deck Theme: Not a required field, if you think the above is not enough to get the idea across or are feeling particulary descriptive, describe your deck's theme.
Ace Card: Your character's Ace, their most signature card, their favorite card, whatever you want it to be.
Character Skill: (For Humans your skill comes from technology. For Aliens it can be an innate ability)The only fun part, describe your character's unique skill, be it either something to aid your janky and stupid deck strategy, something to add flavor to the deck or character, or something that gives you IC powers outside of duels. These are subject to group judgement by everyone involved in the Discord so try not to make them too broken.
Decklist: (DECK RULES HERE) Your decklist from DMG, right click your deck box and click "Deck list" (or whatever) and paste it here. IN A FUCKING SPOILER.

Personality: Your character's UNIQUE and CREATIVE personality, how they act around others, how they perceive everything, and things like that. Go wild.
Backstory: Your character's backstory up to the current time in the RP. Their tragic childhood, any other note-worthy events in their life that shaped who they are now. Not a mandatory field, some people might want to have their characters be edgy and mysterious, or maybe their backstory contains some secrets they want to reveal later, or maybe just prefer to have their backstory be unfolded as the RP goes.
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