[RULES] Deck and RP Rules

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[RULES] Deck and RP Rules

Post by Generic Disappointment on Fri Jul 14, 2017 2:30 am


Card quanity rules:
2x Level 1-4 Monsters
1x Level 5+ Monsters
2x Level 5+ Archetype Monsters

1x Spells
1x Traps
1x Extra Deck Monsters

1. Monsters, spells and traps that require multiple copies of itself (For example, Nimble Momonga, or those spells/trap that magnify their effects for each copy in the graveyard) are an exception to these rules and may be ran at 3 copies.
2. Cards that are the center focus of an Archetype (for example, Vijam for Houkai, PSY-Frame Driver for PSYFrames, Toon World for Toon decks and so on) are an exception to these rules and may have additional copies added to the deck. (As some of those cards have alternatives to help with inconsistency, such as Toon Kingdom and the card that counts as PSY-Frame Driver, they'll be subject to group judgement as to how many copies may be allowed depending on the alternative and the deck itself)
3. Everyone is allowed the selection of one card that asks for multiple copies of some card (For example, Three of a Kind) and pair with ONE card in your deck for the ability to run more copies of that card. Please don't abuse this rule and just put in whatever so you can run 3 copies of Marshmallon or whatever, these cards are to be actually used coherently. Archetype cards such as Blue-Eyes Ultimate White Dragon are an exception and don't count towards the one card limit.

Additional Deck Construction Rules:

All extra deck summoning methods are restricted at the beginning of the RP (Pendulums too). Everyone will only have access to Fusion monsters and generic Link Monsters; more will be unlocked as the RP progresses and deck switches will be permitted if they make sense with the character's development progression.

1. Archetypes, Decks and cards whose main (or side) purpose is draining the fun out of the game, or outright not allow your opponent to play cardgames (Amorphages, Vanity's Emptiness, Skill Drain, Mill/Burn/Stall/Lockdown decks to name a few) are not allowed and if you considered even for a second to have one of those you're a bad person and should think about your actions.
2. Of course we aren't saying you are not allowed to have any destruction whatsoever or any outs to anything. It's still fine to pack some destruction or negation (Solemns, Mirror Force, and so on) but don't go overboard with it. The most important part of the RP is first and foremost to have fun, don't be that guy who packs every trap with Dimension in it's name into their deck, or every card with the old Solemn man in it's art, or every Mirror Force, and so on.
3. This is a seperate rule because it might not be apparent at first, decks such as Exodia are allowed, as long as they aren't the variant that plays card draw solitaire until they assemble all 5 pieces of Exodia, and so on.
4. Archetypes are special and unique to each character. However, under consensus from both parties, may be shared with an IC reason. Who knows, maybe you're family or twins given the same deck? Some destiny shenanigans? Up to you.
5. A card or a series of cards (ie, an evolution path) may be asked to be made special and unique to that person to reinforce whatever RP plans they may have. The same may be applied to a group of people if they have some plans regarding that as well.
6. The RP Host has any and all right to declare cards as special or unique depending on what the RP Plot requires.
7. All Numbers are special, whether they're plot centric or not, it'd feel weird to have more than one card in the world called "Number 5" or what have you. Only 3 numbers per person allowed at the start, more may be developed into, stolen, or attained through other means.

List of Special Cards/Archetypes: (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
- Every Number
- Supreme King Z-ARC
- Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm
- Supreme King Dragon Odd-Eyes
- ''Odd-Eyes'' (Dahlia)
- ''Clear Wing" (reserved)
- ''Dark Rebellion'' (reserved)
- ''Starve Venom'' (Darkey)
- Astrograph Sorcerer
- Amorphage
- Timelords
- Exodia
- Solemn Strike
- Solemn Judgment
- Solemn Warning
- Dark Hole

General Rules regarding dueling and the RP as a whole
1. Remember, the first rule of RP is to have fun, try not to take that fun away from others by constantly attempting to remove a character from the RP. Or going for OTK strategies everytime, always have the fun of others in your consideration. If someone pulled the godliest topdeck and combo of all that allowed them to turn the duel around and you feel they deserve it, don't be an asshole that just flips one card and puts all that effort to waste.
2. RNG is a bitch, we all know that. But not every duel is important, with consensus of everyone involved, you're allowed to alter your draw or bullshit something in the duel, but only if that duel is important, don't be salty just because you got cucked in a random duel that doesn't matter in the slightest.
3. Everyone wants to be a special snowflake, but nobody is a set protagonist. Please keep this in mind, nobody has priveledge to take every plot centric duel and those should be spread evenly so that everyone gets a chance to shine.
4. Please be nice and try not to argue/be an asshole/hold OOC grudges over IC stuff/whatever, we're here to have fun not start WW3
5. Since, again, RNG can be a bitch, everyone has the right to at the start of the duel, mulligan their hand ONCE if they're unhappy with it.
6. More to be added later, probably.

- Subterror (Y'Shaarj)
- Crawlers (Y'Shaarj)
- ''D/D'' (Y'Shaarj)
- Galaxy ( NPC Berkut Yasuhara)
- Cipher ( NPC Berkut Yasuhara)
- Hieratic ( NPC Berkut Yasuhara)
- Destiny HERO (Racanzar Ion)
- Elemental HERO (Racanzar Ion)
- Masked HERO (Racanzar Ion)
- Shiranui (Nazar)
- Mecha Phantom Beast (Kuin Chishi)
- Black Luster Soldier (James Hadfield)
- Gaia The Fierce Knight (James Hadfield)

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